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Tarteel AI — Blog
3 min read

The Acts Most Pleasing To Allah

Habit building with Tarteel's challenges

4 min read

How to Prepare for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

The last 10 nights of Ramadan, the most beautiful nights of the year are upon us. Allah SWT informs us in Surat Al-Qadr (The Power, 97) that the Quran was sent down during one of these nights: the Night of Power. Indeed, it is We Who sent this Quran down

4 min read

4 Islamic Books to Read in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time to reflect on our spiritual state and build a stronger relationship with Allah - SWT - by reading the Quran. Through reading and reflection, we hope to learn from the many stories and wisdoms such that we may become better servants of Allah - SWT. The

6 min read

Join the #Ayahaday Challenge!

Join us this Ramadan on the #Ayahaday challenge, along with your favorite Shuyookh, Reciters, and social media influencers!

3 min read

Recite a Quran, Give a Quran with Tarteel

Announcing the Recite a Quran, Give a Quran Challenge!

3 min read

Introducing Tarteel V5: A Whole Ramadan Feature-set

Assalamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak! Over the past few months, our team at Tarteel has been working on making this Ramadan special. We re-imagined what your interaction with the Quran could be like. Today, we’re announcing three big changes for our mobile app. We’re bringing you a whole

4 min read

Habit of Prayer

﷽Habits in our brainThere is a spiritual aspect to building habits. Our metaphysical state changes, and so does our physiological state shift at the interchange of habits. When we want to rewire our brain, we first have to understand repetition of certain actions lead to our brain going into "autopilot"

2 min read

The Virtues and Benefits of the 15th of Sha’ban

﷽About the 15th of Sha'banThe month of Sha'ban is a blessed month, overlooked by many.‎ Our beloved messenger ﷺ would fast most of Sha'ban so when his deeds are taken up to our Lord, he would be in a state of fasting. ‎"The Messenger of Allah did not fast in

3 min read

Translations, Tafsir, Bookmarks, and More!

With the blessed month of Ramadan only a month away, the Tarteel team has been hard at work getting our app ready to help you make it the best one yet! We received a lot of great feedback on features people were looking for and ways we could make the

3 min read

Introducing Tarteel version 4: Faster Algorithms, Quran Translations, and More

We’re excited to announce a new milestone for Tarteel and share with you what we’ve been working on. Tarteel version 4 is now live on the…

2 min read

Introducing Automatic Recitation and Memorization on Tarteel

Today, we’re announcing three big features for our mobile app. We’re adding automated recitation and memorization powered by AI

2 min read

Tarteel Ships A Whole New Redesign, Faster Than Ever Search.

Earlier this year, we shipped the first version of the Tarteel mobile app featuring Search, reading translations, and sharing Ayahs.