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Introducing Tarteel version 4: Faster Algorithms, Quran Translations, and More

Introducing Tarteel version 4: Faster Algorithms, Quran Translations, and More

We’re excited to announce a new milestone for Tarteel and share with you what we’ve been working on. Tarteel version 4 is now live on the…

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We started Tarteel with the mission of making it easier for Muslims to learn how to read the words of Allah (SWT) and to provide those with limited access to Imams and Sheikhs a means of maintaining their relationship with Allah (SWT) and His book.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new milestone for Tarteel and share with you what we’ve been working on.

Faster, More Accurate Algorithms

Memorizing and reciting the Quran on Tarteel has been a core feature since launch. You start reciting and the app matches you with the verse you’re reciting, helping you identify mistakes in your recitation.

Over the past 3 months, we worked on enhancing this experience further. Our engineering team re-wrote our voice matching algorithms to provide the following features:

  • Accurate matching: our voice algorithms are now benchmarking at 98% accuracy, identifying your recitation with close to no errors.
  • Faster matching: our infrastructure now supports close to real-time¹ connection, making the experience fluid and responsive.
  • Repetition support: we added the ability to go back and re-recite/repeat any verse or word with the algorithm adapting to your change.
  • Accent support: our algorithms now has support for various different accents, recognizing your recitation even if you’re not a native Arab speaker.

Quran Translations

We’ve heard your feedback! Adding translations has been one of the most requested features — and we’re excited to roll it out in this release. You can now access translations by clicking on the “translations” button in the Quran reader or through the settings page.

We’re starting with 2 of the most used English translations — The Clear Quran, and Sahih International — and are planning to add more translations and languages over time. If you’d like to see any particular language or translation please let us know!

IndoPak and Adaptive Font

We also heard your feedback that the Uthmani script could sometimes be difficult to read, especially for non-native Arabic readers. We’re adding 2 more reading modes to address these needs:

  1. IndoPak script: The Quran script typically used in the Indian sub-continent and South-East Asia
  2. Adaptive font: A font with modifiable font size and type.

You can customize the reading fonts in the settings page.

Live Correction Waitlist

Finally, what I’m most excited about — we’re opening up the waitlist for our correction feature. It allows you to recite on Tarteel, and the app highlights the tajweed and memorization mistakes that you make.

You can join the waitlist by opening Tarteel and reserving your waitlist spot on the Correction tab.

Correction Feature Preview

You can download Tarteel version 4.0 using the following links on iOS and Android:

Apple App Store:

Android Play Store:

JAK for your support. We’ve been able to release new features following your feedback. We look forward to sharing with you more exciting updates soon insha’Allah!


The Tarteel team

¹ The latency of the network connection is affected by your internet speed